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New products like adjustable hand levers with washers, levelling sets and also the new EHEDG-Certification for our Hygienic Design screws and nuts are great additions to the Ganter product range. You can find more information about these items in our newsletter today.
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NEW  Adjustable Hand Levers with Washer GN 307
Adjustable hand levers are ideal whenever parts have to be clamped in a confined space or in a particular lever position.
The new standard part GN 307 is attached with a washer which cannot be removed. One typical application is to use the hand lever to clamp together 2 pieces of material where the lever is fixed on one piece and the other piece has a slot.
The adjustable hand lever is available with a threaded stud or tapped insert.
You can find more information here.
Adjustable hand lever with washer GN 307
NEW  Levelling Sets GN 360
Levelling sets GN 360
Levelling sets GN 360 are used for levelling and to compensate for any slope when setting up machines and systems.
The fine thread allows precise adjustment and readjustment.
The levelling sets are available with or without lock nut and in the materials of steel and stainless steel.
You can find additional information here.
NEW  EHEDG-Certification for GN 1580
The stainless steel-screws and stainless steel-nuts GN 1580 in Hygienic Design recieved the EHEDG certification!
The high-quality finish (Ra < 0.8 µm) as well as the large corner radii and closed surfaces prevent adherence of dirt and facilitate cleaning.
Standard parts from the Hygienic Design family are ideal for use in hygienic applications.
You can find more information about Hygienic Design here. 
EHEDG Certfication GN 1580
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