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Enlarging our range with additional new products creates further excitement in the industrial standard parts market. Today, we give you an overview of just a few of our latest product developments.
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NEW  Stainless Steel-Locking Plates GN 187.5
Stainless Steel-Locking plates GN 187. 5 can be installed in combination with locking joint sets GN 187. 6 to create locking joints. This for example allows clamping levers, extension tubes, trays and mounts to be adjusted relative to each other at defined angles with a form-locking connection.
Stainless Steel-Thrust springs GN 187. 2 can be placed between the locking heads during mounting, allowing a clean separation upon removal.
Stainless Steel-Locking plates
NEW  New Developments in Clamping and Locking
New developments in clamping and locking
In the area of clamping and locking, Ganter offers numerous toggle clamp versions for any conceivable application.
To even better meet specific customer needs, the toggle clamp product range now also includes a wide range of new developments. Product versions with integrated safety features are now available.
Through the large range and the complete accessory options that now include the new extended and wide clamping arms, Ganter continuously strives to provide a range of standards for every customer demand.
You can find out additional information about toggle clamps in our current press release.
Stainless Steel-Assembly Pins with Accessories
Stainless Steel-Assembly Pins with Accessories
Stainless Steel-Assembly pins GN 2342 are available in all common diameters and lengths.
It´s also possible to choose between three different retaining washers as well as options with or without cross hole for a spring cotter pin.
Stainless Steel-Retaining washers GN 2344 with loss-protection function can be ordered separately. Spring cotter pins GN 1024, which secure the pin axially, are available with a single or a double winding. Retaining cables GN 111. 2 protect the pins against loss.
Ganter services: In-house exhibitions
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